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Resin Release

Resin Release

When handling smelly, "sticky substances", particularly the flowers or buds, resin residue can accumulate on your hands.  While resin residue is not harmful, it can be quite sticky and may leave a noticeable odor on your skin. 

Resin residue can be challenging to remove from your hands using just water. Since resin is not water-soluble, ordinary handwashing may not be sufficient to eliminate the residue completely. It often requires additional measures to clean your hands effectively.

Stop using harsh chemicals or solvents that strip your hands of their natural oils.  A dab of this luxurious thick crème, with a special organic green clay, is all you need to remove wax, concentrates, or flower resin from your hands.  Follow up with Kushley's Foaming hand soap for clean, soft, and odor-free hands.

Ingredients: Refined Shea Butter, EV Olive Oil, Green Clay, Soy wax and Kushley's proprietary essential oil blend

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Experience the power of natural odor elimination with Kushley's collection of odor neutralizers made with the highest quality natural ingredients for a safe and effective solution to any odor problem.