Neutralize Car Odors with Kushley

Neutralize Car Odors with Kushley

Unpleasant odors in your car can be a frustrating and embarrassing problem. Whether it's the lingering scent of cigarette smoke, spilled food, or pet odors, it's crucial to find a solution to make your car smell fresh and clean without introducing toxic chemicals.


Neutralize Odors in Your Car

Our odor-neutralizing spray is an effective and natural solution to eliminate unwanted smells in your car. Here's how to use Kushley to neutralize odors in your car:

  1. Using either fine mist spray or mix concentrate with water in a 50/50 ration
  2. Spray seats, dash, headliner, carpet, ashtray, and inside the trunk with Kushley. Be sure to apply the spray evenly and thoroughly to all areas where odors may be present.
  3. With the engine on and the AC running, spray Kushley into the air intake. This will allow the spray to circulate throughout the car's ventilation system, reaching even the most hidden areas where odors can hide.
  4. Let Kushley circulate thoroughly in your car for a few minutes with the windows rolled up. This will ensure that the spray has enough time to neutralize all the unwanted odors.

With these simple steps, you can say goodbye to unpleasant car odors and enjoy a fresh and clean driving experience. Kushley is a natural and effective solution that's safe to use around pets, children, and those with sensitivities to synthetic fragrances.

In addition to being great for cars, Kushley can also be used to eliminate odors in your home, office, and other spaces. Try Kushley today and experience the power of natural odor elimination.

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